Doctors Sabrina Caliendo Chiropractor in Smithtown, NY

Dr. Sabrina Caliendo


Dr. Sabrina Caliendo, a graduate of Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in England, has been in practice for 21 years. She has performed over 100,000 adjustments from newborns to the elderly, and worked internationally in three different continents including as a top associate for Britain’s top family chiropractic practice and has founded Wave of Life Wellness Center in the UK and Practice Wellbeing in the US.

In 2015, with a desire to create a community of health-minded people, Dr. Caliendo established Nurture Wellbeing Chiropractic PC.. which has become an epicenter for people who want to live their best lives and reach their ultimate potential.

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Meet The Team Janice Pizzonia

Janice Pizzonia

Office Coordinator

Janice started as a patient at Nurture Wellbeing in September of 2018. After 9 months under care, she joined the Nurture Wellbeing team as Office Coordinator. She has been passionate about natural health all her life and after raising 4 children began officially studying detoxification in 2008 and began her true healing journey. Janice became a Certified Regenerative Detoxification Specialist in May of 2016 and a Clinical Iridologist in October of 2016. Both certifications were under the direct instruction of Dr. Robert Morse.

Since becoming certified she established Vibrant Health Revolution, Inc. to educate and coach others on how to heal their bodies using regenerative detoxification. She uses iridology to determine weakened areas of the body and uses this information to recommend a personalized detox program.

She joined Nurture Wellbeing in June of 2019 after seeing firsthand the importance of the nervous systems role in healing and especially detoxification. The synergy of an optimized nervous system along with an appropriate detoxification program is an amazing combination which allows the body to release toxins and restores health more efficiently.

Janice currently works with Nurture Wellbeing patients to help educate and empower them to reach their health goals. She teaches workshops and is always available to answer any questions patients may have. In addition, she consults with patients participating in the weight loss and detoxification programs offered at Nurture Wellbeing adding an experienced guide to ensure their journey is effective and sustainable.

Meet The Team Assistant Cher Grover in Smithtown, NY.

Cher Grover

Technical Chiropractic Assistant

Cher Grover is the Technical Chiropractic Assistant at Nurture Wellbeing PC. After becoming a licensed esthetician in 2014, she wanted to use her knowledge to help her clients look, but more importantly feel their absolute best through intrinsic, holistic care. She quickly realized how much misinformation there was out there that had to be addressed, and how educating her clients on the anatomy and functions of the skin was essential. Her goal was to help people understand the importance of focusing on the root cause of imbalances instead of simply focusing on reducing symptoms.

After a few years in the field, she took this approach a step further and got her NYS teaching certification. As an Esthetics Instructor, she found her true purpose–to educate in an approachable and truthful way, to correct misconceptions that have become commonplace in our culture, and to support and uplift others with compassion and empathy, making them feel valued and understood. She loved working with students to not only help them pass their board exams, but also used every opportunity to discuss real world information outside the curriculum that would help them feel empowered in their unique talents before starting their careers. During her time as an instructor, she also performed all kinds of esthetics services to a wide variety of clientele and accumulated a loyal following.

Supported by a great chiropractor throughout her career, which often consisted of repetitive work positions that caused lower back pain, she learned that chiropractic care was the key to feeling great, looking great, and enjoying a comfortable, long, and happy life. This inspired her to make a complete change in her career and become a chiropractic assistant. She is now even more committed to helping others to change their life achieve optimal health through education and chiropractic care.