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Nurture Wellbeing Eliminates Headaches In Smithtown, NY

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How Nurture Wellbeing Eliminates Headaches | Chiropractor for Headaches in Smithtown, NY

How do we treat headaches at Nurture Wellbeing? There are hundreds of different types of headaches. And so what we would want to do is to find out what type of headache you have.

Your Health History

That would entail us taking a very thorough history. And we will be asking you a lot of questions about you about your lifestyle and about the type of pain you’re experiencing. How often you get the headaches, what are they sharp? Are they do are they throbbing? What part of your head? Are you feeling the headaches? radiate too? Are you getting the headaches once a month, every week, when you do specific tasks or activities, there are a lot of questions that we would need to ask you, we would also need to make sure that we did a very thorough evaluation, many headaches are caused by neck problems. They can even be caused by lower back problems, dehydration, there are all sorts of different reasons why people get headaches. And what we want to do is to find out what the underlying cause is.

Exam and X Rays

So we would be doing a postural assessment, we would be also doing nerve scans, our nerve scans are very, very in depth, there’s no radiation there. All of our all of our technology is developed by NASA. So we have very sensitive technology that gives us a huge amount of information. And then we would be taking x rays to assess your entire spine to see how you are functioning as a whole. And then what parts of your body what parts of your nervous system are actually triggering the headaches. After that what would do if we could help us come up with a very comprehensive plan for your care, which would probably consist of gentle and very specific chiropractic adjustments.

We always make sure that we monitor you throughout your care with us and that your well being and we reevaluate you every few visits to make sure that you’re healing.

Nurture Wellbeing Chiropractic

Nurture Wellbeing Chiropractic is a family wellness practice dedicated to helping every family in Smithtown, NY get healthy and stay strong.

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