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Nurture Wellbeing Eliminates Neck Pain In Smithtown, NY

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How Nurture Wellbeing Eliminates Neck Pain | Chiropractor for Neck Pain in Smithtown, NY

How does Nurture Wellbeing address neck pain? We take neck pain very seriously at Nurture Wellbeing because the neck houses some very important structures.

So you have all the nerves in your neck and they control and regulate firstly, the brain, the arms, your heart, your lungs, your fingers, your diaphragm, your thyroid, so a lot of important parts of your body are regulated by the nerves in your neck.

So we have to treat the neck with with care. So when you come in with neck pain, we do a very thorough evaluation, we take you history, we like to find out all about you. You want to know what you’ve been through. We also address the full spine whenever we’re looking at the neck because sometimes neck pain is caused by low back problems or mid back problems or even an impact imbalance in your pelvis. So we would take a thorough history from you find out all about you, we would find out what you do. Day from day to day, are you making your neck get worse? Are you helping yourself? Are you are you are you aggravating, then what we would do is we would do a postural examination to see how you’re standing, how your how your load bearing through the little joints in your neck.

And then we would do an evaluation and there are many structures in the neck, there are the nerves, the discs, the tiny little joint there are muscles in there. And we want to make sure that we find the root cause of your neck problems really find the underlying problems and then address them. And we would do that began by looking at your posture, we would do nerve scans. And then we would also take X rays. Taking x rays of the neck is very important because again, you do not want to risk the the health of your neck or the nerves that run through the neck. Once we’ve taken a thorough history, gone through your evaluation, we will then bring you back in to go through your findings with you. If we can help you make sure that we let you know what your clinical care plan would look like. If we can’t help you for some reason that there’s there something more sinister going on, we would refer you and make sure that we sent you in the right direction.

Our care plans usually would consist of giving you very gentle specific adjustments. And revaluations all the way through to make sure that you are trending up and to make sure that you’re healing the right way.

Nurture Wellbeing Chiropractic

Nurture Wellbeing Chiropractic is a family wellness practice dedicated to helping every family in Smithtown, NY get healthy and stay strong.

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