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Neck Pain Relief Exercises In Smithtown, NY

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Life Extension Neck Pain Relief Exercises | Chiropractor for Neck Pain in Smithtown, NY

One of the best exercises for your spine, including your neck is the life extension exercise. The life extension exercise actually helps to correct the curves in your spine and decompresses the spine if you’ve had a heavy day or you’ve been sitting a lot, you’ve been on your phone a lot, and it’s really easy, it’s really simple and easy to do at home.

So we’re going to demonstrate with Tyler who has kindly volunteered, and what you would do is he would bring your legs hip width apart, slightly bend your knees, you do a kegel, so you tighten up down here, tighten that pelvic floor. You bring your belly button in, chest up, chin up. And then YWLT, you will love these.

So you put your arms into a wide position to you. And you extend through the fingers. Make sure you hold that chest up, shoulders down. And you hold that for 20 seconds. Then you would move on to “W”, so you bring your arms into the web shaking those elbows down again, shoulders down, keep that Kegel, keep that that core tight, belly button in, chest up so that again 20 seconds, so you will and then let’s go for the “L”,  love. So bring the elbows into the sides of the chest as tight as you can go. And you’re squeezing behind the shoulder blades or in between the shoulder blades. You’re squeezing the shoulder blades together and going to get a really good right angle there. If you hold that for twenty seconds then “T”,  you will love these. We’re going to bring the arms up to shoulder level up a little bit more. And you keeping it all tight holding for 20 seconds and then you relax.

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