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Ultimate Headache Diet In Smithtown, NY

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The Ultimate Headache Diet | Chiropractor for Headaches in Smithtown, NY

What types of foods make headaches worse and what types of foods make headaches better?

Reduce Toxin Intake

In general, anything that’s toxic will make headaches worse. That would mean any chemicals going into your body. So alcohol, that’s a big one because it dehydrates you and you’re putting something into why that is a toxin. Cheese is a very common aggravator for headaches, citrus fruits, chocolate, caffeine. Those are the main ones.

Hydration is Important

What helps headaches, hydration, Hydration is key. You want to make sure that you are drinking plenty of water per day. Eating really good clean food. So your diet style is very important when we’re when we’re looking at headaches too. So I would avoid the junk I would avoid the sugar. I would avoid anything that came through a factory so anything that looks like it was processed.

Eat Natural and Organic

So a general rule of thumb would be to drink lots and lots of water and to eat food that either looked as if it grew on a tree or in the ground so plants or fruit, vegetables, organic is best so that you’re not bringing in the pesticides and the chemicals and then eating really good quality meat, organic grass fed meats would be better, wild caught fish, free range, organic eggs, so really clean diet and just then just making that a rule for yourself if you are someone that that really suffers with headaches a lot.

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