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Types of Headaches In Smithtown, NY

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How to Tell Which Type of Headache I Have | Chiropractor for Headaches in Smithtown, NY

So how do you tell what type of headaches you have? There are hundreds of types of headaches. And it is very important to find out the specific cause and type of headache that you have.

I would say that there are three to four common types of headaches.

Cluster Headaches

The first type I would say is the cluster headaches, cluster headaches come in clusters. So you will have many better times you may have a few days at a time or a couple of weeks at a time. They are pretty debilitating, you would usually need to go to bed, usually get the pain over one eye. And they are throbbing in nature. So that’s one type of headache.

Cervicogenic Headaches

Cervicogenic headaches are the most common type of headache that we see. And the cervicogenic headache is a headache caused by the cervical spine which is the neck. That means that there’s some type of damage in the neck that is creating radiating pain into the head. That’s usually the type of headaches that we see most common commonly. Then of course, there are migraines.


Migraines are probably the the types of headaches that most people have heard the most about. Migraines are very sharp, they’re severe, you will often need to retreat and go into a dark room, a dark, quiet room to get some relief. Sometimes you’ll just need to sleep. With migraines, you’ll often have triggers. So you’ll be sensitive to light or sound, or very frenetic energy, you’ll just want to go into a dark, quiet room. Just be by yourself and have nobody disturb you. They’re often triggered by alcohol, caffeine, cheese, chocolate. Many different types of triggers, we would always advise you to hydrate. Always hydrate yourself and make sure you’re drinking plenty when you have migraines.

Tension Headaches

And then the fourth most common type of headache that we see are tension type headaches. And what you will feel is a band around your head. So it’s a it’s more of a constant, low grade, chronic throbbing headache. And you’ll feel this tightness around your head and again, you’ll probably feel like retreating. You’ll be able to get through your daily activities albeit slowly and not at your normal speed and pace that you’ll be able to get along with what you’re doing. It’s important again to find out what the root cause of your headaches are. And that’s something that we will always look to do when you come to Nurture Wellbeing.

So come on in for a consultation. Let’s really get into finding out what’s going on with you!

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